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Faulty garage doors can compromise your home’s security, attracting burglars who are ready to break into your property. Don’t let your and your family become a victim. Call (703)543-9295 to have a Reston garage door specialist come to your home and recommend the best solution for your budget and your requirements.   

A lot of people opt to install their own garage door instead of hiring a professional, not realizing that doing so can lead to a lot of time wasted and even bigger expenses. An improperly installed garage door is also a security and safety risk, as it can cause serious injuries or invite break-ins. Professional installation of Reston garage door does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Choose an installer that can give you reasonable rates.
The installation of a garage door usually involves 3 phases—the prep, the actual installation, and the clean-up and checking. First you have to read the instructions manual and completely understand it. Then you have to make an inventory of the parts. With a technician, you never have to worry if the manufacturer forgot to include a screw or two in the package, as they’ll have lots of it. What’s more, you don’t have to by new tools.
The preparation phase alone takes up a lot of time and resources. This is why it’s best to call in an expert to install your Reston garage door. What’s more, it might be pricier to have to purchase new tools which you will only be using once as opposed to hiring a technician. Reston Garage Door Repair can offer installation of garage doors as well as repairs, replacements, and maintenance. If you have questions for Reston Garage Door repair, just fill up our secure form.

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